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Vintage Fashion Print

vintage fashion print

    vintage fashion
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Vintage Fashion Shot

Vintage Fashion Shot

I met Melike in Pittsburgh through my friend Jeff a Dancer at Attack Theater.

Dancers and fashion just work.
Try it.

This is a candid before Melike ran and jumped in front of the sun to show off the dress.

Technical: No Strobes Strobists. I metered the shadow side of Melike to get the contrasty light. In photoshop I mixed the channels as if I were sending my film out to be cross processed.

Simple. Fun. Love simple and fun.

Side note: I shot this at Ida Lee Park in Leesburg, Virginia. I photographed a rally for President Obama's campaign here. Turns out Melike's Mom was in the crowd. She was in front and shooting from the media raiser it was inevitable I found her Mom.

vintage fashion print

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